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Women's Grand Lodge of California

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Thank you for taking the time to learn more about the Women's Grand Lodge of California (WGLCA). As the years progress, this website will hold more information about the history, goals, mission, and events of the WGLCA. Please refer to this page as often as necessary. 

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Happy Mother's Day


Happy Mother's Day to each and every beautiful female soul who has given birth or one day wishes to do so.  Thank you for holding your sacred space of the Divine Feminine so as to be the grace through which life is received, nurtured and made manifest. 

Thank you for bringing your thoughtful love to each life giving breath you took to sustain our life and give birth.  Thank you for the kindness and care of every act of unconditional love, healing, comfort and safety that you gave. Thank you every encouraging word  you shared, every hug that you gave and each tear that you dried.  Thank you for every nurturing meal you made, every cleansing bath you gave, every article of clothing you washed, every bed you made, and every room that you cleaned and tidied. 

Thank you for being present to listen and provide your wisest and most caring counsel to help heal and inspire our hearts and uplift our spirits.   Thank you for each and every act of healing that you performed. Thank you for modeling love, peace, kindness, care, healing, innocence, integrity and grace.  Thank you for always forgiving our worst and encouraging our best. 

Thank you for bringing comfort, clarity and wisdom during our darkest hours and joyfully affirming the celebration of our greatest victories.  Thank you for being the steady pillar of love in which we can always depend.  

Thank you for BEING God’s most entrusted earth angel who courageously chose to birth and mother into reality our Lord’s most beloved souls towards ever more realized enlightenment.  Thank you for Being You and bringing your loving grace into our lives and into our world.  

Happy Mother’s Day.  

With love and in Divine Service,

Teresita Aréchiga

M∴W∴ Grand Master 


In the News / Upcoming Events

Important Dates

Keep an eye on this page. We will be announcing our important event dates for 2019 soon. 

2nd Grand Installation

The second Women's Grand Lodge of California Installation of Officers was on 19 January 2019. Congratulations to our officers and sisters.

Winter Solstice 2018

Thank you to all of our guests who came and celebrated the 2018 Winter Solstice with us this year. We hope you enjoyed yourselves and we look forward to sharing with you in the future.

Women's Conference

Thank you to everyone who attended our second Women's Conference of the year at Sunset Lodge. 

Grand Lodge Anniversary

Congratulations to the Women's Grand Lodge of California on their first anniversary!

1st Grand Installation

Congratulations to the sisters who have become the first officers of our Women's Grand Lodge of California.